Happy Tri-oween

Halloween could be one of the greatest holidays here in the US. It’s easy to participate and low pressure – any involvement is welcome! It’s as easy as just buying candy, any kind of candy will do (except for jaw-breakers: let’s be honest, no kid likes those)! Halloween lets the kids act like kids: free to get into all sorts of mischief. Getting to dress as their favorite superhero or show character, the streets are taken over by mini Batmans, cats, ghosts, Power Rangers, goblins, and ghouls! It’s the one day a year they get to eat their weight in candy and not get in trouble!

Just because this holiday is largely geared towards kids doesn’t mean we adults don’t get to have any fun! Adults have work parties, parties with friends, and sometimes even eating the “nasty” candy their kids receive and don’t want. We even get to pull pranks on our kids, making them believe we ate all of the Halloween candy (thanks, Jimmy Kimmel!). Dressing up is just as much fun, if not more! Adults seem to go all out: spending hours on that one day. Others might just wing it, rummaging through the storage closet last minute saying: “What do I have at home? Triathlon gear? Done!”

The triathlon fever even gets to our young cousins, and even our friends’ and family’s kids. They might want to go as “Uncle Dusty” for Halloween, and what better costume could there be than the greatest superhero around: a triathlete! No matter who is going, make sure the triathlon talk is perfected as well as the costume. No triathlete wants one “Fun Sized” candy bar. Fun-sized. What’s the fun in a small candybar? Clearly Mars and Nestle and Hershey needs new definitions for the candy bar sizes. We want five KING SIZE Butterfingers!

– Happy Halloween,

🎃👻 from Swim. Bike. Nom.

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