A Change Of Scenery

Do you ever have those days where it just seems like the scenery on a run never changes? Mile after mile of the same trees, corn fields, or houses in a neighborhood. Maybe it hasn’t! Unless you are part of a run club you may be running the same routes day after day, week after week. But even running clubs cycle through a set number of routes that become monotonous after a time.

Sometimes all you want is a change of scenery: something new to see. You look forward to traveling or going out of town -even for work – because you get to run in new areas, see new parks, and look at new trees. It’s these runs that seem to go by in the blink of an eye, these are the runs that you enjoy most.

Luckily for those that live in the Midwest, a change of scenery comes around naturally a handful of times each year. Best of all: you don’t have to go on a vacation or even spend any money. Right now it’s fall, and with the change of season comes a most welcome change of scenery. On every route, no matter how many times I’ve run it, it feels like a totally different place even if for just a short time. The cool breeze, the changing colors, and the crunch of fallen leaves beneath our feet make a world of a difference on runs this time of year.

If you’re the type who begins to feel down in the dumps because the dreaded winter is around the corner: take this time to enjoy the nice weather and change of scenery instead!

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