Butt Sores and Character Questions

The long winter months can take a toll on anyone. Every single year I question why I still live up here in the Midwest. I’m always reminded why later in the season, but the question still stands. How do we sit through the long trainer rides or treadmill runs without going insane?

Each one of us has a pain cave: our fortress of solitude where we can get the job done. Each person’s is different, each a specific feel, but all for the same reason: to make sure those short little events called races fit into our description of a “win”. It’s in these environments that we build our base character, that person who gets the job done when the going gets tough. Well, that and some butt sores: trainer rides are the worst.

Whether your pain cave is the definition of state of the art or simply the back corner with a piece of shag carpet set down, it’s about what you put into each workout that really matters. Happy training season!

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