Running The 2021 Kettle 100

Racing is back! Scream it from the hill tops of the midwest. Starting at 6am on June 12th, we’ll have 30 hours to run the 100 mile trail course in the Kettle Moraine area of Southeastern Wisconsin. The event will be a little different this year with COVID precautions. While Wisconsin has basically opened back up for business, the DNR is keeping some restrictions in place for the event. One of the changes being that we can only have one crew member at aid stations. This is going to make it interesting given that Jen will be crewing and pacing the final 38 miles. The 100K mark, which will likely be my clothing change aid station going into the night, is also were I’ll pick Jen up. There is no guarantee that she’ll get a spot to park near the aid station, so there might be a little running around with gear before we even get started on the back section.

Even with changes, it is awesome to be back. This will be a great rehearsal for Tahoe 200 coming up in September. Given the restrictions in who can come and watch, there will be a live stream of the event up until hour 30. I have no idea what this coverage will be like but check it out here.

You can also follow me on race day at the inReach website here. My inReach device will update every 10 minutes with the latest GPS placement. You can also message me from the inReach dashboard. I’ll probably not response but a notification will come through to my watch, so say something nice! Stay tuned for the post race recap.

More info
Bib number – 77
Race Livestream channel –
Dustin’s live tracker –
Kettle 100 race info page –

Post Update 06/08/2021 @ 6:50pm: “Kettle 100 race info page link” correction

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