35 At 35

Hi Friends! It has been a crazy year. Or has it been five years? It’s hard to tell in 2020 exactly how much time has gone by. Somehow it is already the week of my birthday and with it being on Thanksgiving, I felt it was time to do something different. 35 at 35. 35 miles, Thanksgiving day, at the age of 35. Not terrible until you realize that it has been months since I’ve even had a close to 20 mile run.

So here is the deal. I’m going to go for it but I’m not going to over do it. I have a big year coming up in 2021 and there is no room for error. 2021 will be the toughest year of running yet.

If it wasn’t for COVID, I might be able to ask people to come out and run but here we are. That isn’t going to happen in the US, at least, not at this time. So you can follow along here instead! Before that, check out the Garmin route below. I’ll be taking my Garmin inReach device with. It’ll update every 10 minutes and put a new plot down on the map. You can also text me within the inReach web interface. Shoot profanities at me or better yet, a Happy Birthday message. But really anything will do.

Best of all! I know, like it could get better. For every mile I make it, I’ll be donating to a great local charity. So seriously, come cheer this random run on.

Intended Route

Live Tracking

Click for full page tracking

*Top Photo Credit: ME! Jen and I after our first half marathon from the new home.

Update 11/29/2020: I did it! Check out the embed below from my Garmin activity.

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