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Schwinn Axum with Dropper Seatpost Review

Warm weather is something that the Midwest biking community dreams of all year long. We are either planning our next trip in the spring and summer, or longing for a good early fall breeze. The long winter months are spent planning, dreaming, and cross training. While our modern-day technology has made biking with friends from the safety of our basements possible, it just doesn’t have the same freedom-inducing feeling that comes with taking to trails outdoors. No matter what type of biking you are looking to do, the thought of putting down a thousand or more dollars can often deter would-be enthusiasts from taking the plunge. It’s even harder when you are asking a newbie to buy what they might think of as a specialty product, when they are not certain they will keep up the newly found hobby. My personal opinion on specialty products - which I’m going to...

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