Swim. Bike. Turkey.

For many of us, working out is a way to not only do what we enjoy, but also to stay healthy. Staying healthy can be a bit of a sore subject, especially when it comes to the holidays. This time of year we have food waiting around every corner, just tempting us to take one cookie here and three chocolate pretzels there. No matter what, we always seem to have some way of justifying it all in our minds.

Turkey Trot 5K’s turn into the reasons why that second helping of food is not only a good choice but a great one. I know we’ve all been there, thinking to ourselves that if we ran around one more block that a little extra stuffing wouldn’t hurt anyone. I tend to lean towards the side that says, “Yes, eat that turkey”. For me, the holidays only come around a very few select times a year, and keeping healthy the other 363 days is tough enough! The holidays allow me to eat all of those foods that I tell myself not to the rest of the year, and if running that 5K or 10K in the morning is all the justification I need, so be it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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