Week Of 10/29 to 11/4 Training Recap

October 29

Rest Day!

October 30
4.20 mile recovery RUNch run at 8:09/mile pace. Ok, so not necessarily a recovery run but I was feeling great and this pace just seemed natural. Ran my typical 4-ish mile work route at lunch.

October 31
6.04 RUNch miles at 9:06/mile pace. What a great day it was to be able to get out at lunch at run 6 miles. It’s amazing how refreshed you feel at work after taking a lunch run. It allows you to come back refreshed for an afternoon meetings, calls, and people needing thing done now.

November 1
4.04 RUNch train miles at 9:13/mile. I got in a little over 800 feet of elevation gain in this four peaceful miles.

November 2
Rest day!

November 3
18.06 Saturday morning miles at a 9:17/mile pace. Saturday was a cool day in which I went out in two loops. The first loop was 8 miles with the second loop consisting of 10 miles with company. I pushed the first 8 miles with mile 3 coming in at 8:06/mile. I’ve really enjoyed pushing it in the first few miles on my long runs. It allows for you to beat down your body and have to push through the pain and into recovery. Training like this has helped me simulate what it’s like to go on Ultra runs.

November 4
10.01 miles at 8:55/mile. This was a super tough run for me. It was cold and super windy with cold rain the vast majority of the time. I put on my rain jacket and got to it. My mentality for these kind of training runs you can’t pick your race weather so might as well suck it up.

Week Recap
Overall training went well. I had little issue with motivation and my body wasn’t sore in the slightest. I had 5 runs for a total of 42.35 miles. 6:23 (hours:minutes) of total run time with 4603 feet of elevation gain.

Photo credit: Hanging with Penny dog after a long run. She’s good for recovery.

Countdown – As of Monday 11/5
88 days until the Sean O’Brien 50M in Malibu, CA
157 days until the Zumbro 100 in Zumbro, MN

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