Week of 10/22 to 10/28 Training Recap

Sunday the 21st of October kicked off the training schedule for the Zumbro 100. The training block started off well with the total mileage scheduled for the week being hit. I did move some miles around Saturday and Sunday but that was due to helping a friend with the final push of their training.

Monday October 22
Rest day!

Tuesday October 23
4.15 mile RUNch (Run/lunch) run at 8:48/mile. The run felt good overall and the weather was beautiful.

Wednesday October 24
6.04 mile RUNch run at 8:51/mile. The weather was again beautiful for this time of the year. The legs felt great and I was able to get a few hills in on this multi-loop run.

Thursday October 25
4.01 mile RUNch run at a rocovery pace of 9:12/mile.

Friday October 26
Rest day!

Saturday October 27
22.12 mile morning run with a friend. Saturday was scheduled for 16 miles but a friend was looking to hit their final long run before the Madison Marathon. We ran the Madison Marathon course which is never really flat. It’s a mix of hills and rolling hills the entire way. I loved this run and the trees turning color was absolutely beautiful. The pace was slow and included some walking. Anyone who has trained for a marathon knows that the final run before taper is the toughest. Your body is worn out and that run really makes you question your training. Pace was 10:25/mile.

Sunday October 28
4.01 mile morning treadmill recovery run at a 10:25/mile pace. The legs were feeling pretty good this morning and the original schedule of 10 miles was reduced due to the extra miles run yesterday.

Week Recap
Overall the training went includable well. 5 runs for a total of 40.32 miles. 6:39 (hours:minutes) of total run time with just over 3400 feet of elevation gain. Monday brings rest day to prepare for the next week of training.

96 days until the Sean O’Brien 50M in Malibu, CA
165 days until the Zumbro 100 in Zumbro, MN

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